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3 Oily Skin Hacks That Seriously Reduce Oiliness

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Want to know how to stop struggling with skin that reflects back at you by noon every day?

We have 3 oily skin hacks you can start doing today to reduce the amount of oil on your face and keep it off, without a massive struggle....

But first, here's a question. When it comes to beauty and personal care enthusiasts, what do you think is the biggest challenge they have with oily skin?

We've seen a lot of the web searches that our customers perform: stopping oily skin, prevent greasy skin, oily skin control, oily skin treatment, oily skin remedy

Undoubtedly everyone wants their oil problem solved, but one of the biggest challenges people have to understand why your skin gets oily, which directly effects what kind of solution he or she is looking for. So many people make the big mistake of trying to control oil. Controlling oil isn't your biggest problem, but it's the main thing searched for.

Why is it important to understand this? Because the wrong solutions, remedies and treatments keep you locked in a pattern of oily skin. One you may not escape from until your 60 years old!

What's the right solution? It's not a magic bullet or holy grail product, the solution to oily skin is a body that behaves normally in respect to these 3 areas: hormones, the kind of oil you produce and stress. Master those and your oily skin can literally disappear and never return.

3 Oily Skin Hacks You'll Actually See A Difference With

Master Your Hormones

Oily skin isn't a death sentence, you don't have to live with it forever. But you will if you keep considering oil as the villain in this. Oil is not the enemy! 

Hormones are probably a way bigger obstacle in your path right now. If you are wanting a long term solution to oily skin, not just a quick fix, you need to start addressing how they interact with your skin.

Hormones, like DHT, cause your skin's sebaceous glands to go into oil production overdrive. Some of the best, but little known, techniques for solving oily skin involve targeting the enzyme that converts testosterone to DHT. That enzyme, called 5 alpha reductase, is what you need to address. But be careful to only use it in the areas that you're oily. Controlling this enzyme leads to less oil being produced, and a whole bunch of other trickle down benefits.

The best ingredient we know of for this? Green Tea Extract. Look for products that have it in at least a 3% strength. It's one of the main products in our oily skin kit, and just great for keeping your hormones, and oil, in control in a way that body agrees with.

Master Your Skin's Natural Oil

We can use green tea extract to produce less oil, but as long as the oil we produce is thick, sticky and shiny, it's going to be a major aggravation. Those properties, however, aren't indicative of all oils, just oils with a specific fatty acid make up. Those fatty acids just happen to have really undesirable qualities.

Want to change this? Then use only oils that have desirable properties, like being lightweight, promote wound healing, etc. You'd be shocked how many products for oily skin contain oils that promote thick, sticky oil. Even ones that don't have any oil spur your body to produce more thick, sticky oil. Using the right oils is the only way to break the cycle.

The right oils for oily skin are oils that have high linoleic acid content and low oleic acid content. Think hemp, grape seed and safflower seed oil. Use these in abundance! This gives your skin vital components it needs for wound healing, lowering inflammation and keeping pores clear, all the while feeling lightweight and amazing on your face. Plus it'll show you that not oil is bad, and it's actually a necessary part of returning your skin to normal.

Master Stress, Which is the Destroyer of Skin

Why is this important? Without understanding stress, all the other hacks wont work.

When we see our skin as being oily, we tend to think it's because we're not doing enough. This leads us to add more products to our regimen, and use stronger products. We're then shocked when we still don't see the results we want.

Before an ingredient or product has a beneficial effect on your body, you first have to understand how it relates to stress. The rules state that every part of you body inherently tries to achieve balance, or homeostasis. If the ingredients in your skincare don't work with your body to achieve this state, there's problems.

If you're sitting there with oily skin thinking my oily skin persists no matter what I use on it, then chances are your skincare and your body's goals for your skin don't line up. Find which skincare products are causing the most stress, and stop using them. For some, this may mean stop using all of your current products.

Even if you do see some results, chances are the ingredients in your skincare are doing more harm than good. To create skincare that goes along with your body's goal of homeostasis, it must be as efficient as possible. Remove all ingredients that don't serve to restore a nutrient to your skin (like linoleic acid), or to prevent the effect of hormones on your skin. Doing this will get your skincare and your body on the same page, and allow the effects of the skincare to be magnified.

Use these 3 techniques, and you'll see a world of difference in your oily skin.

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