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The End Goal For Oily Skin

I realized I need to start adding pictures to these posts, as a wall of text doesn't look appealing to anyone. Let's try this...

So maybe that's not the best image, but I'm sure it'll get some attention. Now to the content...

We all want oily skin to go away, but how we accomplish this ultimately determines our success.

If we simply want oil off of our face, there are no shortage of products and techniques we can use to accomplish this. The challenge with them is they don't seem to promote a long term state of being "oil free" (or "oil appropriate" as I call it).

Long term success can only happen if our skin and supporting organs can return to a state of homeostasis.

Homeostasis means "the tendency toward a relatively stable equilibrium between interdependent elements, especially as maintained by physiological processes." Think sustained balance. Every part of your body has this goal in mind, and is actively trying to reach it. It's one of those processes that's ingrained into the DNA of every living person.

With this being the case, the real question we need to ask is do you think your skincare goal for oily skin works into this plan for your body? If it doesn't, there will always be friction between your way of reducing oil and your body's way of dealing with the stress your creating.

This is why amongst a sea of ingredients that claim to be the most scientifically advanced, the most pure and organic, the strongest, the most effective, and the best, you still struggle with your oily skin. None of them support your body's goal of homeostasis.

Finding balance & supporting your skin's end goal in all of this, is the only real way to permanent results.

Now, who wants cake?


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